Colossus of Rhodes


A journey into the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The story of their making, what they probably looked like, their artistic architectural achievements, their tragic endings, and their legacy. These icons of a distant past have captivated mankind for centuries and still holds our imaginations today.

The GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT, the oldest structures in the world, and the only remaining ones of the Seven Wonders, the COLOSSUS OF RHODES, the largest bronze statue ever built until the Statue of Liberty, the HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON, an artificial garden built on a series of terraces for a lonely queen, complete with trees, scrubs, flowers and waterfalls, the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS in Ephesus, the largest marble building ever built in ancient times where millions came to worship Artemis, goddess of fertility, the LIGHTHOUSE OF ALEXANDRIA which at 445 feet was the tallest structure ever built until the Eiffel Tower in 1889, and whose light could be seen 30 miles away at night, the MAUSOLEUM AT HARLICARNASSUS built for King Mausolus, an artistic masterpiece of a building that awed visitors, and finally the giant STATUE OF ZEUS at Olympia, Greece, built by Pheidias the sculptor, constructed of ivory, gold, and precious gems, it made Zeus come alive for worshippers.

Length: approximately 1 hour.

The Great Pyramids The Hanging Gardens of Babylon